Jumping Up

How can we blame our puppies for jumping when humans communicate mainly via our faces and show our emotions through it which is all the way up high and they are all the way down low, a place where we rarely focus our attention on. Jumping is your puppy’s way of trying to get your attention and to remind you that they are down there. Puppies love being a part of the action and find it hard when they are being ignored hence jumping to get in your face to get your attention whether good or bad. Puppies also tend to jump when they are excited, such as when meeting new people or when you first come home. It is important to remember that your puppy is seeking your attention when jumping so it is up to you to teach your puppy that they can have your attention but to get it they have to stay on the ground - shifting where the value lies. It is paramount that you always acknowledge and recognise when your puppy they are doing the correct behaviour. The more you can capture your puppy doing the correct job from the beginning, the less it will feel like it needs to show the undesirable behaviour. E.g. try and acknowledge and reward your puppy for staying on the ground before it even has the chance to jump, so have treats ready in your hand and as soon as you walk in the door after being out stick them in front of your dogs and change their attention on them instead. 

  • Ignore the jumping (no eye contact, no touch, no acknowledgement, no “ah ah’s” or “no’s”), redirect your puppy’s attention back onto the ground or wait for your puppy to get down by themselves and reinforce your puppy as soon as they are doing what you want. 

  • When you return home or if they are very excited, ignore them for the first 5-10mins or until they show the first calm behaviour. 

  • Cement the sit behaviour and use a sit as a “please” or a default action that gets your puppy attention. 

  • Drop treats on the ground so you are redirecting the attention from you to the ground.

  • Beat your puppy to jumping by crouching down. If they jump on you whilst crouched down, stand up and wait for them to calm down again. 

  • Focus on the good and not the bad. Meaning make sure you give your puppy lots of attention as that is what they want when they have all their paws touching the ground and you completely ignore them when jumping.