Crazy To Calm Game

The Crazy to Calm game is exactly what it sounds like, we are teaching your dog to go from a crazy mood to a calm mood instantly. There will be times when you’re playing with your puppy and you get interrupted, by the washing machine finishing or it’s time to run an errand. It might be the kids playing with the puppy right before their bed time, suddenly they go to bed but the puppy is left hanging. Or you could be rumbling on the floor and all of a sudden you have had enough and you get up and walk away. The issue is that you haven't clearly communicated to your puppy that the game or playtime is over. As a result, what generally happens is you get up but your puppy still thinks its go time and they lunge onto your legs as you try and walk away. To often, we have clients that just don't play with their dog for fear that the moment they start mucking around with them, their dog won't stop when needed and the game is over. The crazy to calm game helps teach your puppy how to overcome this predicament by regulating their adrenaline levels to bring them back down when you stop reciprocating. 

How To Teach Crazy To Calm Game... It's like musical statues, but the dog version:

  • Step 1: Get excited and go crazy with your dog. If you have a dog that is really mouthy or you need to help to hype them up, you can wave a toy around to get them excited but do not let them get it. 

  • Step 2: Once your dog is crazy, freeze and tuck your arms up (including the toy if you use one) and wait for your dog to naturally sit. Be patient. If after 5 seconds they haven't sat you can either lure or ask them to sit. Bridge the moment they sit and then start to go crazy again. The playing is the reward for the bridge but you can also food reward before playing again so they get a double reinforcement. So you’re teaching your dog that when we freeze and go still, they need to drop their adrenalin too, and relax.

  • Step 3: Pair the command "Freeze" to the action to stopping and sitting. Pair the command "Crazy" or "Ready, go" to going crazy - as long as you are consistent with your commands. 

  • Step 4: Play around with the duration of play versus the duration of the freeze. Remember the longer you play with your dog in a crazy state, the harder it will be for them to calm down. Start short and increase slowly.