Chase The Rabbit

Chase the rabbit - Recall by putting treats on the ground away from your dog and running away. 

1. Show your dog that they have an amazing treat. Get your dog's attention on the treat and throw it out onto the ground near your dog. Make sure they can see where it goes. 

2. Allow your dog to go and get the treat. Do not say anything. 

3. Wait for your dog to automatically come back to you and give you eye contact. Immediately bridge and reward by throwing another treat onto the ground.

4. Increase criteria by requiring your dog to come back, give eye contact and sit before throwing the treat. Also increase criteria by swapping the direction and distance in which you throw the treat. 

5. Once your dog understands the action, implement the command “come” when they are in the midst of returning to the owner and “look” when they are in the action of giving eye contact. 

Chase the Rabbit Game adding in a hand touch or collar grab. 

a. Repeat the Chase the Rabbit game but when they return back to you they must do a hand touch or you may grab their collar or grab and drag them by the collar before bridging and rewarding by throwing another treat.