A puppy digging is a very normal and healthy behaviour, it is us humans who don’t like it. It is important that you focus on preventing the behaviour from happening in the beginning then correcting it once it has already happened. There are many reasons why your puppy digs. They could be doing it out of boredom, anxiety, to get cooler in the warmer months, for food or they are just having fun and it is an enriching activity. 

  • You must allow your puppy to have a digging outhouse. Provide your puppy with a shell sand pit (or a designated digging area in your garden) and fill with either sand or non toxic soil and dig with your puppy originally to show your puppy that is where the fun is. Hide dry food, treats such as pigs ears and bully sticks and enrichments such as kongs in there as a reward. 

  • Give your puppy plenty of stimulation when outside, especially when alone. Provide a variety of toys and food enrichments to mentally tire them and entertain themselves. Rotate them daily. 

  • Make sure you have provided your puppy with areas that are cool and protected from the harshities of the weather. 

  • If your puppy has started to dig in a place that you don’t want, ignore the fact that your puppy has dug, redirect the attention of where to dig and reinforce your puppy for correctly digging in that area. Make sure that you fill in the hole that your puppy has dug, section it off so your puppy doesn’t have access to it or cover with the sandpit and get your puppy to dig in that instead. 

Teach Your Dog To Dig On Cue.