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K9 Nose Work ®

We are super excited to be the FIRST to bring K9 Nose Work ® to the Sutherland Shire! 

Run by the only Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) in Southern Sydney. 

Do you have a dog?    Do they have a nose?  


Any dog with a nose can do scent work you just need to tweak their curiosity, make the motivation high enough, and let them do what they naturally do best... sniff!

K9 Nose Work ® is an exciting new search and scent sport inspired by working detector dogs. Introduced from the United States the aim is to unleash your dog's natural hunting ability and allow them the opportunity to use their incredible sense of smell to find specifically trained odours in lots of different environments. Initially, the game starts by creating excitement and motivation for your dog to use their nose to sniff out their favourite toy or treat in boxes in an obedience-free zone. This is done without handler interruption or unintended correction, increasing the challenges to different objects, rooms, exteriors, vehicles and then as their confidence and skills build introducing target odours for them to scent and find. K9 Nose Work ® is a great activity to build confidence in your dog and an even deeper understanding, trust, communication, and bond between you and your dog. Dogs are their happiest when we sit back and allow our dogs to learn on their terms and most importantly let them have fun. So give your dog the freedom to express and refine their natural talents and embrace the journey and appreciate the glimpse they are giving you into how they "see" the world. 

A snapshot of some of the many benefits K9 Nose Work ® offers:

  • Sniffing is both stimulating & exhausting!

  • Dogs burn a lot of mental & physical energy doing searches.

  • You don't need to have a "detector dog breed" to do K9 Nose Work ®.

  • No prior training is required & no obedience is needed.

  • Dogs work one at a time so reactive dogs can enjoy the activity too.

  • Shy, fearful or anxious dogs build up independence & confidence.

  • Overactive & excitable dogs put their energy into positive, fun searches.

  • A stronger bond between dog & handler is built as handler learns to
    observe, understand & trust their dog.

The activity of K9 Nose Work ® is designed to be accessible to any dog, including rescue dogs who are new to the family and have come from all walks of life and dogs that are unable to enjoy other dog activities due to age, physical limitations, lack of obedience, fear or reactivity issues. 

Intro to Nose Work is the beginners course and is for dogs who have not done any form of scent work before. It outlines the power of a dog’s nose, builds drive and excitement for the search, sets all of the foundations on how to search effectively, introduces your dog searching indoors, outdoors and even a vehicle.

Intro to Odour is for any dog who has completed a beginners course and understands the concept of search and has an enthusiastic drive to do so. Odour is introduced at this level and the dog’s skills are further developed and challenged now whilst searching for a specific scent.


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