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Foundations Class

This class focuses on building the bond between you and your dog and working together as a team to achieve the same results, incorporating the use of lots of play and games while working on engagement and obedience. Throughout the duration of the course, we will place emphasis on effective, practical, everyday methods and techniques which you can easily transfer into daily life with your dog. More complex skills and distractions will be added as your dog progresses to further challenge and cement positive behaviours. This class best equips you with the knowledge to understand and communicate with your dog for a happy and healthy relationship, along with the learning theory of science-based methods including shaping and capturing.


This Foundation Class is perfect as the next step from puppy pre-school, for adolescent dogs who may have missed early training, for dogs who haven’t had an opportunity to practice training skills for some time and for dogs new to the family of any age.


This course covers:  

  • Motivation

  • Patiently waiting (e.g. for food, to come inside, etc.)

  • Walking nicely on lead

  • Polite greetings

  • Not picking items up off the ground

  • Settling on a mat

  • Giving items back

  • Paying attention to you

  • Calm, cooperative and controlled behaviours

  • Impulse control

  • Increasing obedience (Sit, Down, Stay etc)

  • Coming back when called



*Foundation Classes are not suitable for dogs who react to other dogs. Please see our Reactive Dog Classes or contact us so we can discuss the most appropriate step for your dog.



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