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Last year I attended their seminar weekend in Melbourne and it was a seminar like no other that I have been too. I learnt lots and thought it would be helpful to so many people with either their own dogs or who work in the dog industry. From there I was sufficiently motivated to then become part of the multi-destination seminar, hosting NSW for 2024.


The main discussion for this two day seminar will be dog reactivity, dogs that have difficulty focusing as well as other behaviour issues such as arousal, separation issues, etc. 

John and Helen, are Glasgow Dog Trainer, who will bring a wealth of knowledge and some new strategies on how to help our dogs on a daily basis as well as learning to understand them from a deeper level.

John and Helen have been a strong advocates for many years, for dogs - hearing them, seeing them and learning how to work with them through understanding and kindness. John and Helen are force free, fear free trainers and align very much with our morals and ethics when it comes to working with dogs.

Learn who they are:


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John McGuigan & Helen Hutchinson


This seminar targets a variety of dog people from novice dog owners to the more experienced dog owners, dog trainers, groomers, doggie daycare staff, animal handlers, shelter workers, pound workers, veterinarians and behaviour veterinarians.



Day 1: Saturday 16th November 2024

Day 2: Sunday 17th November 2024

9 am - 4pm

(cuppa from 8.45am)



Tamika Bentley

from Goin' Muttz

Jannali Public School

107/121 Sutherland Rd, Jannali NSW 2226

There will be morning tea and afternoon tea provided for.

More information will be sent to ticket holders for local eateries for lunch, accomodation, parking, dog minders, etc. 

Seminar Program

Day 1: Saturday 16th November

Is my dog relaxed? John will demonstrate simple exercises so that handlers can recognize how well their dog will do in certain environments, how to recognize how the dog might be feeling and strategies to improve behaviour and emotional well-being of the dog and human. The outcome will be to reach goals and achieve positive results.

Helen will discuss and demonstrate the application of relaxation principles to assist dogs with separation anxiety, touch sensitivity, motion sensitivity, sound sensitivity, proximity issues and value attribution. 

Helen will go over co-occurring elements commonly sitting within the experience of fear where aggression may be displayed, such as preparing for surgery, post operative care and receptivity to pain relief. There will also be discussion around support dogs, the shelter environment, cognitive degeneration and dealing with multiple dogs.

Working with deaf and blind dogs will also be addressed as well as a desensitisation plan and foundation training for pups.

For the afternoon, John will discuss how to understand and resolve common behaviour issues such as counter surfing, jumping, pulling on the leash, poor recall, reactivity, hyperactivity and other problem behaviours.

There will be live demonstrations to compliment some of these topics.

Day 2: Sunday 17th November

Day two's focus will be on reactivity, understanding the reasons as to why a dog displays aggressive behaviours, and looking at strategies that can help resolve the reactivity.


Video presentations and discussions will be the format of the day.

There will be live demonstrations to compliment topics covered.

Both days of the seminar are a blueprint for topics. The speakers all always guided by the audience and there may be some small differences in the above.

Day 3: Monday 18th November - PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS

The Monday following the completion of the seminar John and Helen are offering limited private consultations with your dog/s (6 spots in total). You don't have to have attended the seminar to do a private consultation, though it will be of a huge advantage to you if you did.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost for participant: $300 

Cost per observer: $190 

Time slots available: 9am-10am, 10:30am-11:30am, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: TBC but it will be somewhere in the Sutherland Shire. If your concern is house related, then private consultations can take place in your home if you live roughly a 20minutes radius to the Shire.


If you would like to book in a private lesson with John or Helen, please email with your details (full name, email, contact number, address, dog's name, breed, age, brief indication of what you need help with), which time slot and with who.


It is first in best dressed. I will work with you to organise a location that best suits the needs of your dog and will invoice you for payment to secure your session. Closer to your session I will send around an email with all relevent informaiton for the day such as what to bring, etc.


Early Bird:    

Second Booking Phase: 

From May 18th - July 18th


Day 1 or 2 Singular: $250

Day 1 & 2: $475

+ minimal booking fee

From August 1st 


Day 1 or 2 Singular: $290

Day 1 & 2: $550

+ minimal booking fee

Rescue Groups: 

If one person from a rescue group books in for both days, they will only pay for one.

If two people or more from the same rescue group organisation book in for both days, they will get 50% off the total fee.
Coupon Code: RescueOrgBBGlasgow

Bulk Groups: 

If 5 or more people from one group book both days in the one transaction, they get 10% discount off the total fee.

Coupon Code: BulkBookingGlasgowEB 

Please email if you have any technicalities, trouble booking or questions. 

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