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Cartoon dog footprint
Cartoon dog footprint

“Goin’ Muttz is here to help empower and educate dogs and their owners on how to effectively communicate, setting foundations for success and life-long friendships.”


The way Goin’ Muttz looks at dogs and their behaviour are different. The behavioural problem/s you are having are often made up of so many different pieces that it takes a holistic approach to achieve the best outcome for everyone. Dog behaviour is not all one-sided and about the dog doing what we want, it's about working harmoniously together as a team. As their guardians we need to take the time to understand our dogs, their language and needs, so they can communicate with us and are heard and listened to. Before we even start to look into why a dog is doing what it is doing, we must look in the mirror and change our own behaviours. Our relationship with our dogs is built on the foundation of achieving willing cooperation. It’s not about getting the dog to do what we want it to do when we tell it to do it, it’s about encouraging the dog to make its own right decision because it wants to - “We want our dogs to walk beside us not because they have to but because they want to”


Being centred and in touch with our own emotions and well-being gives us the ability to influence our dogs at a deeper and more profound level than simply teaching a dog ‘tricks’. It’s about teaching a dog life skills. Establishing important concepts like trust, respect, self-control, self-responsibility, problem-solving and the understanding of boundaries and rules are vital if we want our dog to develop into a balanced, likeable member of the family and society. If we get these concepts right, usually the behaviour issues that were happening in the first place have no need to take place.


Goin' Muttz goal is to create enriching environments and opportunities, purpose, fulfilment, achievement and success for all the puppies and dogs under our care. “The wider the foundation the higher the peak they can climb.”

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MacKenzie, Bordoodle

Absolutely the best people. They are genuinely passionate about helping dogs and their humans strengthen their bonds and work together. We did the foundations class with our roughly 18 month old dog who is a naturally boisterous girl and somewhat disruptive, but Lauren was so patient with us and made a world of difference in how I approached my training with her. That was a few months ago, now we have added a puppy to the home and he is struggling with fears and feeling safe. Despite how long it has been since we attended class, and that it wasn't even with him, Lauren has taken the time to talk through what he is displaying and how I can work with him to help him feel safe and find happiness in his new home. This is genuine care and concern for dogs.


Not only that, but I had health issues when class first started and that meant I had to be shuffled to a different class. Tamika was so understanding and caring, she checked in with me and talked with me about what was going on so I had a kind ear to talk to. When I first went looking for dog training I never expected to be made to feel like part of the family.

I couldn't recommend Lauren and Tamika highly enough. They are amazing! They know their stuff and they are always willing and eager to lend a hand. If you are looking for dog training (or training people to be work with their dogs in a way that works) don't waste your time looking elsewhere, I doubt you could find any better service and care.


- Eliza


Dozer, Maltese x Shih Tzu

Tamika has been a lifesaver for us and our rescue dog Dozer, not only through her positive reinforcement, one-on-one based training, but through her genuine passion and care for Dozer’s well-being.  Her in-house sessions let Dozer be as comfortable as possible in his own home, as she assesses his behaviour and creates extremely personalised plans to help him with his separation anxiety.  The improvements so far have been beyond expected, and after making mistakes on our own when we first got Dozer- we couldn’t recommend Goin' Muttz highly enough.  After feeling lost and unsure about what to do on our own, Tamika’s guidance, encouragement, and care has not only improved the bond between us and our beautiful dog, but given us the confidence that in a few more months he will be OK to stay home.


- Madeleine and Beau

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Dougal, Toy Cavoodle

We had a wonderful experience on the 4 week puppy training course. Lauren is amazing with the dogs and she is super knowledgeable. She delivered the content in an engaging, fun and interactive way - even managing to keep my two sons focused! She taught us some really invaluable skills. We can’t wait to sign up to the next course!!

- Louisa




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