OOO what's This? Game Instructions

Step 1: Start by creating anticipation and excitement with your voice “OOO” “AHH” and point to a spot on the ground whilst saying “What’s this?”. 


Step 2: Initially bridge “Yes” and reward your puppy for showing any interest in your point on the ground. Do not reward them by handing them the treat instead place the treat on the ground where you are pointing. 


Step 3: Now you are to bridge “Yes” and reward only if they boop your finger with their nose.


Step 4: Repeat all around the house until they will race to you whenever you start your “OOO” even if you are in another room. Start to move it away from just the floor and start to point on all different types of surfaces. E.g. wall, skirting, lounge, step, kitchen cabinet door, sock, in the grass, up the tree, along the fence, etc. 


Step 5: Proof this behaviour by asking your puppy to come away from things that they find valuable. At first make sure that your reward is higher than what you are asking them to come away from. E.g. give your puppy a bowl of kibble and say “OOO what’s this?” and point to a spot on the ground 1 metre from the bowl. Reward the boop with cheese which should be high then kibble. When you are confident that your puppy will do it in control setups, you can not use this as a strategy to get your puppy to drop or come away from things that it is not meant to have or be interested in.