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Reactive Dog Class

Do you have a dog that is not too friendly to other dogs? Do they react by growling, lunging or barking towards other dogs? Or do they shy away or freeze when they see another dog? Or are they a frustrated greeter – a dog who actually likes other dogs but gets frustrated or aggressive when on lead? Or are you just unsure what your dog will do?

This 4-class Reactive Dog course is designed for dogs that are reactive or have issues towards other dogs. All classes are run in a controlled environment which means that visual barriers and distance is used to make sure that all interactions are conducted within your dog’s threshold and in a positive way. The class utilizes both fake and neutral dogs brought in by the trainer throughout the sessions. We only advance at your dog’s pace and never force your dog into a situation that they feel unsafe in. This course not only helps your dog but teaches you tools and techniques to help your dog be more calm and comfortable when out and about.

Before undertaking the Reactive Dog course an initial consult must be held to conduct an assessment of your dog which determines the level at which your dog is at for safety reasons. We also go through dog psychology - how your dog thinks, processes information and why they reacting, learning theory, dog communication and body language, and the ladder of aggression/fear which is vital to know and understand before the start of this class. The initial consult is not included in the cost for the Reactive Dog class and will incur a separate cost.

When: We are currently not running this class as Tamika, owner and head trainer is on maternity leave. Please contact us for a private consult instead.

Where: Jannali Public School

Duration: 4 classes


*Maximum of 3 dogs per class

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